Home Staging

Buying a home is a process of dream building, a way of envisioning and planning for the future. However, for many, visiting a residence for sale can be like viewing a story already written. Nesting in a home is not quite the same as decorating or showing off a space’s best attributes.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, a completely empty structure is not optimal for showing either. Rooms without furniture can seem smaller, colder. A well-furnished house can highlight important architectural details and create an optimistic sense of possibility.

Home staging is not simply de-cluttering, rearranging, or adding new furniture or decorative objects, it is a way of creating a good feeling about a space. The process can be simple as taking down heavy curtains, or as complex as a bathroom or kitchen renovation. A talented home-stager will have an understanding of construction and architecture, as well as whole slew of resources – from the ability to re-work a whole house, to the knack for choosing just the right small details to add to a room.