About Frani Taylor

FraniFrani Taylor is an award winning builder, with a background in graphic design, extensive experience with construction and remodeling, and keen sense of homes as 3 dimensional art.

Frani believes there is no single way to approach the staging process. She holds the conviction that each house is unique, and demands specific knowledge and creativity to achieve the best results. No job is too large or too small, from rearranging a living room to tearing up a kitchen. Given enough time and attention, much can be accomplished. Her broad spectrum of talents allow her to tap into numerous resources, from leading the process of major renovation, to understanding how the play of light and color affect a space. She is a collector of unique objects, from decorative accessories to furniture, allowing her to rearrange and transform any room, or turn an empty house into a home.


“Frani Taylor has helped my clients stage and sell their houses through creative design ideas and an eye for what works in today’s market. I have received many compliments from other real estate agents on the work she has done for my clients. She is prompt and fair and I am happy to recommend Frani as a great home stager.”

Tammy Langalis
William Raveis Real Estate


“Selling one’s house can be very stressful. I didn’t need to add to my stress level by trying to figure out how to make it most presentable for possible future buyers. We had rented our house at 10 Craw Avenue in Rowayton for the past few years and therefore, when the tenants left, the house was bare. What were we to do? We needed to sell it as soon as possible. I know that first impressions are extremely important to prospective buyers and I wanted to make sure the house showed well. All our problems were solved when we hired Frani Taylor to stage the house for us. She furnished and even decorated it, all in excellent taste. The real proof of her expertise and my decision to hire her came when the house actually sold very quickly for very close to our asking price even while the housing market was just beginning to recover from the recent slump.”

Scott Kuhner
(formerly of) 10 Craw Ave., Rowayton, CT 06853


“I was very concerned about moving out of my house with it still on the market.  I’ve always heard that a house sells faster and shows better when it’s furnished so I contacted Frani.  As promised, once I moved out, she came in with her team and filled my home with furniture and furnishings that not only fit the house perfectly, but gave it a new, updated ‘look.’  My house sold within a few weeks of Frani’s magic – I’m certain that her staging is what got me a quick sale.”

Peggy Lyons


“As a builder, Frani has earned both accolades and awards for her ability to turn form, function, structure and a great sense of proportion into beautiful homes. When it comes to staging she adds her unique style and perspective, giving her clients a distinctive look and a leg up in getting their house sold.”

Gwen Alexis
Halstead Property Connecticut, LLC